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Cassie Quigley

Clemson University
Associate Professor
Cassie Quigley
Dr. Cassie Quigley is an Associate Professor of Science Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning. She received her doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction at Indiana University in 2010. During her time as a high school biology and physics teacher, she often witnessed students who were disengaged from science. As such, her research focuses on broadening the ideas of and participation in science so that all students feel connected to science. Currently, she works with inservice teachers on expanding their current pedagogical practices to include equitable approaches. Dr. Quigley also teaches in the secondary and middle level MAT program which are one-year masters and initial certification program for secondary school teachers. In this program, she teaches science methods, environmental science, and other foundational courses. Additionally, she teaches advanced Qualitative Inquiry courses for the College of Education.