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Mary Anne Moran

Nipmuc Regional High School
Mary Anne Moran began her career 23 years ago as an elementary educator and quickly made her way to the secondary level.  She has been a member of the Nipmuc Regional High School community for the last 20 years transitioning from the role of educator to assistant principal in 2011. Mary Anne was named 2016 Massachusetts Assistant Principal of the Year.  In 2018, in collaboration with the superintendent and local school board,  Ms. Moran and the current principal, John Clements, restructured their roles to become co-principals with enthusiasm for the long-term leadership of the amazing educators and learners at Nipmuc Regional High School.

With a passion for what is possible and an endless curiosity about our educational system, Mary Anne spends much of her time reading, leading, and learning about reimagining and redesigning our schools for the modern world. She is often inspired by watching the learning of her own children both in and out of school and imagining what schools could be. With a focus on student agency and embracing the idea that we are all learners, she has worked to create and implement structures at Nipmuc to ensure that all members of the school community are a part of the journey to make school meaningful, relevant, and engaging.

Mary Anne is a believer in the power of professional collaboration. She is one of the founding members of The Inspired Learning Project, a network of learners and leaders across New England who share resources, practices, and professional support to enhance opportunities for modern learning in our schools. Along with her co-principal, John Clements, she co-authored the Launching Modern Learning course to guide other educators in building schools that inspire. Mary Anne collaborated with the US Department of Education where she presented her work and co-authored whitepapers about reimagining the school day. Additionally, Mary Anne represented the work of Nipmuc Regional High School at the Redesigning School for Student Success conference at High Tech High in San Diego. Beyond these opportunities, they have provided professional workshops for thousands of educators to support the expansion of student agency, deeper learning, authenticity, and collaborative leadership. Most recently, Mary Anne served as a faculty member for the Montana Teacher and Executive Leadership Academies, specializing in the graduate profile.

Outside of work, Mary Anne enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, and her three sons, Kyle (15), Ben (13), and Andrew (11), on the athletic fields, traveling in their RV, and creating adventures on their family Christmas tree farm and winery.