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Brandie Wright

Newport News Public Schools
Technology Education & I-STEM Teacher (MS)
Newport News Public Schools

Former Technology Coordinator turned classroom teacher at Ella Fitzgerald Middle School, Brandie strives to bring the highest level of engagement, innovation, and creativity to her students. In just two short years, she has implemented projects such as Amazon Future Engineer: Your Voice Is Power, ProjectSTEM, Coding Club for Girls with ImagiLabs, and virtual field trips to local innovation labs during the pandemic. In 2021, she became a member of the Tech Guide Team for Cult of Pedagogy where she worked on the Teacher’s Guide To Tech. Brandie is excited to connect and build new relationships with other gifted educators. 

During the school year, Brandie loves being a BLOOM Empowerment Coach, CyberSTEAM Lead, and Cheer Team Supporter. In 2022, she also enjoyed a few fantastic experiences with her students at Brooks Crossing Innovation Lab and the Virtual Lego Competition at Nauticus.  Other projects she is currently working on include continuing the Your Voice Is Power Student Podcast, working with her Media Specialist and their Makerspace in the Library, and promoting STEM to all students especially ELL and Special Education.